Monday, August 2, 2010

my loves in life.

well right now i am in the middle of soccer try-outs... and let me tell ya they are not the funnest thing but it's definately well worth it in the end! we should have a way good team this year and hopefully go far in the state competition! i basically just love soccer! i love to just go out and play. a lot of people don't really like soccer and i can't see why! but it's definately growing in the united states finally!

i know not that many people like country music either, but i absolutely love it! each song is basically a story in itself. i hate the pop/rap music that just sits there and swears the whole time. i just love my country music :)

3. FOOD:
everyone knows that i like to eat. my current favorite food would probably have to be pineapple. it is just sooo good. and i also love applesauce! definately a good one to snack on.

well school is starting in about a week and i am seriously dreading it! i hate school and i don't see why all these people are looking forward to it. the only reason i am SLIGHTLY excited is so soccer season will finally start!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

some summer adventures.

my summer has been busy with lots of adventures as of late. it's been soo much fun and i REALLY don't want school to start :(.

last week i went to california with my laurels group and it was SO much fun! we went to disneyland and the beach and the new port temple and shopping. i have the best ward ever! seriously! we were all just laughing and having the best time. oh and the dance parties are the best ever in disney land! it was awesome.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

monday night

so yesterday, monday, my friend anna called me up and asked if i would like to go hiking with her and joey. it was kinda late for a hike (8:30), but i figured it would just be a little stroll. so i had family home evening real quick with my fam and then we were off!

(we were like 3 blocks from my house when we realized none of us had a camera and anna wouldn't turn around to get one because we had a flash light and our phones...)

what we were about to hike up...NOT just a stroll:

it got dark fast and we were soon hiking up by moon light. here's about half way up...anna's genious flash light idea did NOT work seeing as how she was basically out of batteries, so this is a pretty lame picture and you probably can't even tell what it is but it's all i got so here ya go.

after about an hour we were basically at the top and the view was soo cool! this picture does it no justice but it was awesome!

Monday, June 28, 2010


so today i went kayaking with my mom, kaylee, and our dog buddy! it was loads of fun!!

me and kaylee.

buddy is a really cool dog. he's too afraid to swim, so the only way to get him across the water is in the kayak! wow...

then my mom and i decided to go for a swim! the water was seriously perfect

me jumping in...

my mom jumping in...

kayaking/swimming at the ivins res is a blast!! i suggest it as a great activity if you are ever bored.

p.s. the res may have some big nasty swampy areas but other that that it's really great!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So far this summer i haven't really done much at all! basically just played soccer and ran and lifted weights everyday, which was a blast! i love ab workouts. :) last week i had basketball camp, and it was actually pretty fun! (even though we lost most of our games...) we made some great friends from skyline. the rest of my summer should be busy though and i'm excited! it will consist of:

  • soccer camp
  • girls camp
  • more soccer conditioning
  • watching the world cup!!
  • going to disneyland
  • hopefully going to the lake! (and wake boarding!!)
  • partying with friends!
  • and soccer try outs :/ oh the joys of soccer try outs!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

my life...

welcome to my blog!!

so here's a little bit about my life:

  • my name is amber

  • i love soccer!!

  • i like music a lot. {country inparticular}

  • i love lake powell! it's the best place on earth.

  • i love to read! i like pretty much any book. i can read for days on end.

  • my favorite color would probably be purple

  • my friends call me homely....i'm not sure why!

that's all for now!